Danny! Tribute

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*Career Recap (Story from “Do It All Over Again”)

*Now You’re Back


*Where Is Danny? (2009 & 2011)

*Get Down

*Silly Of Me (Myintrotoletuknow)

*Guess Who’s Back (feat. Naledge)

*Tattered Fedora Flow

*At What Price

*Press Conference

*Louder (feat. Tanya Morgan)


*I Aint The Walrus

*No One Can Hear You Cry

*It’s Okay

*The World Is Yours

*Interlude (Danny’s appeal and my history with his music)

*Fly Pt. 2



*Rhyme Writer Crime Fighter

*Sloppy Joe Pt. 1 & 2

*Been Away Too Long

*Yoko Ono (feat. Che Grand)

*Theme Music To A Killing Spree (feat. Danny Brown)

*Where Were You

*Mama I Want To Fucking Sing

*Lip Flappin

*Gone Danny Gone

*Far Away

*You Owe Me

*After The Love Has Gone


Count Bass D Tribute

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Count’s Diatribe 2


Everyday Ritual (with DJ Pocket)

What’s Wrong

The Mingus Sextet

Make It Flow (feat. Ache)

Subwoofer (Dumile)

Praise Me (with DJ Pocket feat. H20 and Flux)

Exclusive Three

I Need Your Love

Surprise (with DJ Pocket)

Team Up

Full Blooded West Indian

Internationally Known

You’re Better Than All The Rest

T-Boz Tried To Talk To Me!

Gio Any (I Cold Just Came In)

Case O’Dilla

Palease (with DJ Pocket)

It’s Hard

False Or True

Neon Soul

No. 3 Pencil

What The Pawn Shop Didnt Want

No Comp

Interlude – Detailing my history with and appreciation for Count Bass D’s music

New Edition Karaoke

Quite Buttery (snippet feat. MF Doom)


Half The Fun

Together (with DJ Pocket)

I Love You

I Got Needs

Down Easy

Better Not (with DJ Pocket)

The P Is Extra Free

The Slugger Of Louisville

Personal Things

La Di Da Di Dahh (with DJ Pocket)

Kumbuka Watu Penda Pesa Part 1

Kumbuka Watu Penda Pesa Part 2

Cash On Delivery (with DJ Pocket)

Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

Dont Run Out On Me

Everybody Knows

Yall Seem To Think (This Is Some Kinda Joke)


J-Zone Tribute

Celebrating the release of J-Zone’s book Root For The Villain

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The J-Zone Fan Club

Q And A

The Zone Mission

Edit These


Bitch B Gone

Bo$$ Hoggin

5 Years (Prelude)

Orphan Babies (feat. Huggy Bear)

Disco Ho (feat. Dick Stallion)

Ms. Platonic

Im Fuckin Up The Money

Dog Show Pageant

County Check Pimpin

Catch 22 (feat. Huggy Bear)

S.H.I.D. Chapter 5


Rev. Getright

Holy Water (feat. Huggy Bear)

The Zone Mission (Part VIII)

Interlude (Breaking down J-Zone’s history and importance)

The Internship

The Commandments

The Trojan War

A Friendly Game Of Basketball

The Bum Bitch Ballad

Old Maid Legal Aid

Oops (Im Sorry Bitch)

Hell No, Ho!

Ho Kung Fu

Whiplash (Pimpotent)

The Zonettes

The Smurf Syndrome

Celph Destruction

Ms. Platonic Pt. 2

Eatadiccup feat. Celph Titled

The Zone Report

Le Chateau Blanc

Too Many Babies (starring Gorilla Pimps)


Tribute To Ghostface Killah

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Ooh Wee


Gorilla Hood

The Sun (featuring Raekwon & Slick Rick)

Shakey Dog

Flowers (featuring Method Man, Raekwon & Superb)

My Guitar

Burnin (Disco Tech) (featuring Trife Da God)

Nutmeg (featuring the RZA)

Outta Town Shit

260 (featuring Raekwon)

Paychecks (featuring Trife Da God)

Save Me Dear

We Made It (featuring Superb, Chip Banks & Hell Razah)

Interlude (Explaining my fascination and history with Ghostface Killah’s music)

Got Gats (featuring Theodore Unit)


New Splash

Stay True (featuring 60 Second Assassin)

Beat The Clock

2getha Baby


Walking Through The Darkness (featuring Tekitha)


Be This Way

Ghost Heard It Before


Good Times 2 (featuring Superb)

Love (featuring Musiq & K Fox)

Alex (Stolen Script)


Camp Lo Tribute

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Killin Em Softly

Intro (speaking on today’s episode)

Bubblin (Demo)

Black Connection

Ticket 4 2

Satin Amnesia

Soul Fever

Rockin It AKA Spanish Harlem

Tall Glasses

After The Marv

Diamond Crookz

China Soul

Black Connect II

Interlude (A brief rundown on the group’s history and breaking down my affinity for them)

I Couldn’t Careless

Sparklin (Mr. Midnight Mix)

Boogie Nights

8 Moons Ago

Black Connect 3


Black Nostaljack (AKA Come On)


Beautiful People

Sweet Claudine

I Love It Then

Sky Box


The Wavey Edition – Tribute To Max B

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American Slore

Intro (speaking on today’s episode)

French Montana feat. Max B – Smoking

Get Outta Jail

Dead Solver feat. Mack Mustard

French Montana & Max B – The New Wave


Deez My Streets

Cops Come Runnin


The Greatest

Gimme Slaws

Jim Jones & Max B – We Roll

These Streets

We Run New York feat. French Montana

These Chicks

Where Do I Go

All I Wanna feat. French Montana


Interlude (Discussing my fascination with Max B and his appeal)

Why You Do That

We Sippin Grand Cru feat. French Montana

Been Around The World

When I Wake Up feat. Mack Mustard & Dame Grease

Tattoos On Her Ass

All In One Night feat. Mack Mustard


Free Al Peezly feat. French Montana



30 Second Nut

See Me Style

Live Comfortable

De La Soul

Lip Sang

I Like

Who We Are feat. Mack Mustard


Movin On Out The Door

Give Dem Hoes Up

Outro (Discussing what has become of Max B’s career)

Odd Future Wolf Gang Tribute

Celebrating the short but important legacy of Odd Future

Musical Selections:

Ace Creator – Dracula

Tyler The Creator & Hodgy Beats – Sandwitches

Earl Sweatshirt feat. Ace Creator – Couch feat

Earl Sweatshirt – Blade

Left Brain feat. Ace Creator & Hodgy Beats – Pimp Slap

Tyler The Creator – Splatter

Casey Veggies feat. Tyler The Creator – Back For Another One

Ace Creator –  Bitches Brewin

Earl Sweatshirt – Stapleton

Tyler The Creator, Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats – Up

Domo Genesis feat. Hodgy Beats – SteamRoller

Tyler The Creator feat. Jasper & Taco – Tina

Casey Veggies & Hodgy Beats – Money Talk

EarlWolf – Orange Juice

Domo Genesis feat. Ace Creator – SuperMarket

Tyler The Creator – Jack And The Beanstalk

Domo Genesis feat. Wolf Haley – Rolling Papers

Tyler The Creator feat. Domo Genesis – Pigs Fly

Earl Sweatshirt feat. Wolf Haley – Pigions

Tyler The Creator – Blow

Tyler The Creator – VCR/Wheels

MellowHype feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Tyler The Creator – Chordaroy

Note: The names Wolf (Haley), Ace Creator and Tyler The Creator are interchangeable for the same person.