The Jam w/ Merc 80 Episode 4


If I were to guess any misconceptions about my life, I think some people assume I moved to LA to chase my dreams like 9 out of 10 transplants. I moved here for my significant other, everything else has just kind of fallen into place along with it (i.e. HipHopDX opening an office here 8 months after I arrived). Anyway, my lady used to always tell me how my creative endeavors needed to link up with her homeboy Merc80, and I always figured it would happen the way it was meant to.  

Finally, the opportunity presented itself when he started his semi-monthly podcast The Jam this year. Im always tuning into other shows to see who I’d be interested in building relationships with and I loved that his show was about down home regular folks sitting around discussing music. I reached out and he brought me in, and I think the show went pretty well. Here we discussed my choice jam, me and what I’m up to, jams that should be retired (warning: that section isnt for the easily offended) and whatever else came to mind.

Thank you again to Merc80 and the Lehman family over at Black Is Online.

P.S. Get up on The Jam now and dont be late to the bandwagon, the forthcoming episode’s guest is a pretty big deal.

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