The Almighty Tanya Morgan


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There’s a little bit of history with the group and I. Von Pea says Im the first dude to be critical of his stuff, I wrote some of their earliest press for AllHipHop, my name was in the liner notes of their now out of print debut Moonlighting. I went to a woman’s wedding and her daughter was the subject of a verse on “I Want You To Want Me”, I did a project based off an adlib from “We Be”, with skits from ½ of the group. There wouldnt even be a Go In Radio if it wasn’t for “Funny Ass Hats”, Che Grand said “this is a Go In DJs Exclusive” and I made myself an unofficial Go In Radio host. Im like the cousin you only see once a year if that often, but nothing changes when you do catch up. We’ve all come a long way over the years, to celebrate their new album Rubber Souls, here’s 2 hours of highlights from baby pictures up to the present. I tried to capture their comedic side and the seriously dope aspects that make me a fan aside from being an acquaintance.

P.S. After finishing I realized I “took a L” by forgetting to add one of the first songs they ever did, but I still tried to do well by them here, I had more than 2 hours and cut it short to be mindful of people’s tolerance.


Filthier AKA Place



Stay Tuned


The Warm Up


Waiting For You

Bang & Boogie

Hip Hop Is Dead II

Shad “Rose Garden” Remix

Do It Tanya

Never 2ndary

Oh No

Whatever That’s Mine

Plan B

Che Grand “People Bowling”

She Can Gedditt

Funny Ass Hats

Star From Shining

Buss It Down

Get Me Inside

So Damn Down


We Should Be Rocking

On Our Way

Chez Tanya

Che Grand “Star (Pimps In Canada)”

Headphone Rock

We Got Soul

We Be


Never Enough

One Love

We’re Fly

One thought on “The Almighty Tanya Morgan

  1. Hey could you PLEASE, post the track list….pretty please….lol. Thanks for the link anyway because there are few TM tracks i’m not up on, now i’m up!

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