Soundtrack To Your Summer


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This was supposed to come out last summer. Some manner of technical difficulty prevented it, but it all worked out for the best because a few of the songs on here weren’t out at the time. This mix is dedicated to good weather, potential romance or flings and the best attempts at enjoying life. I’ve had raunchy summers, depressed summers, summers struggling through poverty, and I’d have to say last year was one of my most memorable as a first time resident of Los Angeles County.

What this season will bring to my life and yours is anyone’s guess, but Im hoping we all come out on top. If I’ve done my job correctly everything you hear will fit the theme Im going for, you’ll dig the sequencing (there’s sort of a story, a little bit) you’ll hear classics, new favorites I’ve introduced you to, you’ll wonder what the hell I was thinking at certain points but most of all you’ll enjoy this and my appreciation for music will shine through. The important part is if you do in fact dig it, tell a friend to tell a friend. Twitter is preaching to the choir, take it to Facebook, email people that dont come online a lot and spread word as far as you can.

Thanks as always for taking the time to check this, satisfying my listeners is what I strive for at the end of the day.

P.S. I didnt play the Kriss Kross song to capitalize on ol boy’s death, again this was all planned a year ago.

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