May 5



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Spree Wilson “All I Need”

Intro (The death of Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly, the recent shenanigans of Amanda Bynes and Danny Brown)

A$AP Rocky “Suddenly”

Chuuwee “The Devil Wears Prada/The Cypher”

R.A. The Rugged Man feat. Amalie Bruun “Definition Of A Rap Flow”

J-Live “The Fun Razor”

Gwen Bunn “Death Of Me”

Interlude (Snoop Dogg’s documentary “Reincarnated”, Wyclef’s April Showers mixtape)

King “In The Meantime”

Kendrick Lamar “The Jig Is Up”

J Cole feat. Young Jeezy “Kenny Lofton”

Phony Ppl “Told You So”

Donwill “Miserable”


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