May 22

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*Marv Won “Happy Birthday”

*Intro (Kendrick Lamar “Michael Jordan”)

*Iman Omari “What U Need”

*Chris Faust “Doctor Faust”

*Count Bass D & DJ Pocket “Gigolo’s Theme”

*The Internet “Ya Know”

*Thurz “Fuck The Police”

*Ethel Cee “Doomed”

*Jon MCXRO “Girlfriend”

*Sir Michael Rocks “Point Of View”

*Interlude (Brian McKnight’s recent song “If You’re Ready To Learn”)

*Quelle Chris “MFK”

*ADD-2 “Yellow Light”

*T Gooch “Lock Me Up”

*Chuuwee “Smoke One For Doom (feat. Abstract Ninjaa)/The Emperor’s New Mood”

*Mac Miller “Sunlight” (feat. Iman Omari)

*Casey Veggies “Thoughts Weigh” (feat. Raheem Devaughn)

*Reks “730”

*Danny! “Long Time Comin”

*Outro (2Pac’s recent hologram appearance at Coachella, President Obama coming out in support of gay marriage)

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