Danny! Tribute

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*Career Recap (Story from “Do It All Over Again”)

*Now You’re Back


*Where Is Danny? (2009 & 2011)

*Get Down

*Silly Of Me (Myintrotoletuknow)

*Guess Who’s Back (feat. Naledge)

*Tattered Fedora Flow

*At What Price

*Press Conference

*Louder (feat. Tanya Morgan)


*I Aint The Walrus

*No One Can Hear You Cry

*It’s Okay

*The World Is Yours

*Interlude (Danny’s appeal and my history with his music)

*Fly Pt. 2



*Rhyme Writer Crime Fighter

*Sloppy Joe Pt. 1 & 2

*Been Away Too Long

*Yoko Ono (feat. Che Grand)

*Theme Music To A Killing Spree (feat. Danny Brown)

*Where Were You

*Mama I Want To Fucking Sing

*Lip Flappin

*Gone Danny Gone

*Far Away

*You Owe Me

*After The Love Has Gone


2 thoughts on “Danny! Tribute

  1. Yoo, i just listened for the entire 2 hours! Entirely Amazing, Danny! I apologize for like the past couple of months I havent been checking your new stuff out But legit this got me soo hyped for Payback man Forever Support!

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