February 6

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Danny! “And I Love Her (Intro)

Intro (My working relationship with Danny, personal issues with my love life, defense of Nicki Minaj’s latest single “Stupid Hoe”)

Iggy Azalea “The Last Song”

Quelle Chris “Sleek Rifle”

J Live “Got What It Takes”

TiRon “The La La”

Daley “Let It Go”

Shadowman “Rap Shit/My Style/Breathe”

De La Soul “3 Days Later”

Interlude (Thoughts on the recent SOPA controversy)

Roc Marciano “MCs”

Diablo Archer “Keep Shining”

Xzibit feat. Defari “Handle Your Business”

Abstract Ninjaa “Massage Situation”

ScHoolboy Q “Gangsta In Designer (No Concept)”

The Black Opera “Manute Bol”

Electric Empire “Then It’s Over”

N.E.R.D “Find A Way Back”

Outro (The recent State Of The Union Address and the recent passing of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno)

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