Count Bass D Tribute

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Count’s Diatribe 2


Everyday Ritual (with DJ Pocket)

What’s Wrong

The Mingus Sextet

Make It Flow (feat. Ache)

Subwoofer (Dumile)

Praise Me (with DJ Pocket feat. H20 and Flux)

Exclusive Three

I Need Your Love

Surprise (with DJ Pocket)

Team Up

Full Blooded West Indian

Internationally Known

You’re Better Than All The Rest

T-Boz Tried To Talk To Me!

Gio Any (I Cold Just Came In)

Case O’Dilla

Palease (with DJ Pocket)

It’s Hard

False Or True

Neon Soul

No. 3 Pencil

What The Pawn Shop Didnt Want

No Comp

Interlude – Detailing my history with and appreciation for Count Bass D’s music

New Edition Karaoke

Quite Buttery (snippet feat. MF Doom)


Half The Fun

Together (with DJ Pocket)

I Love You

I Got Needs

Down Easy

Better Not (with DJ Pocket)

The P Is Extra Free

The Slugger Of Louisville

Personal Things

La Di Da Di Dahh (with DJ Pocket)

Kumbuka Watu Penda Pesa Part 1

Kumbuka Watu Penda Pesa Part 2

Cash On Delivery (with DJ Pocket)

Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

Dont Run Out On Me

Everybody Knows

Yall Seem To Think (This Is Some Kinda Joke)


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