August 15th – Watch The Throne Edition

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Jay-Z – People Talkin

Intro (Discussing the hype and controversy surrounding the release of Jay-Z & Kanye West’s Watch The Throne)

U-N-I – Hammertime

Mr. MFN Exquire – Huzzah

Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z – It’s On

Body Language – Falling Out

Reks feat. Termanology – Face Off

Action Bronson – Shiraz/Beautiful Music

Jay-Z feat. Kanye West – The Bounce

Interlude (Discussing my feelings on the album Watch The Throne)

Tab-One – Tell Us The Truth

D’Angelo – The Root

I, Ced – Dont Lay Low (Gap Revisited)/Soldier Ready To Go Home

Uncut Raw – 727

Jean Grae feat. Talib Kweli – Live Up

Adriana Evans – Trippin

Vandalyzm feat. Theresa Payne – We Made It

Kanye West feat. Camron & Consequence – Gone



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