Week 137 – Dear Summer

Download (right click, save link)

Musical Selections:

Camp Lo – I Couldnt Careless

K.C 2.0. – You Should

Black Spade – To Serve With Love

Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon – Never Be The Same Again (9th Wonder Remix)

Donwill – Misdemeanor

Paten Locke – Til The Dawn

Kris Kasanova – Break Up

Beanie Sigel – Bread & Butter

Akil – Hey Love

Devin The Dude – Just Because

Versis – Life After You

Kendrick Lamar feat. Javonte – Opposites Attract

MF Doom feat. Apani B Fly – Let Me Watch

Von Pea – Good Guys

J-Live – The 4th 3rd

Danny! feat. Drea – Where Were You

Vandalyzm – Alone

QuESt – Letter To A Man’s Broken Heart

Topics Of Discussion: The movie “500 Days Of Summer” and how it ties into my bad relationship history.

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