Week 133


Musical Selections:

M.O.P feat. Lord Have Mercy – Home Sweet Home

Nas feat. Kelis – Not Going Back

TiRon feat. Ayomari – What You Waiting On

Clipse feat. Nicole Hurst – Counseling

Tef Poe – Mel Gibson

Suff Daddy feat. Miles Bonny – 5 O Clock Suff

QuESt – Today

Beanie Sigel – Get Down

Hi-Five – She’s Playing Hard To Get

N.E.R.D – Inside Of Clouds (Tyler The Creator remix)

The Jet Age Of Tomorrow feat. Vince Staples & JQ – Lunchbox

Dillon feat. Willie Evans Jr. & Akrobatik (Supa Dave West Remix)

Talib Kweli – Palookas

Slimm Calhoun feat. Andre 3000 – It’s Okay

Karyn White – Superwoman

Topics Of Discussion: The recent shooting of Gabby Giffords and the country lashing out at Sarah Palin, the massive amount of birds and and fish that turned up dead, BET series The Game, Lauryn Hill’s unprofessional conduct and Gucci Mane’s face tattoo of an ice cream cone.

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